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#YouthEngage tweetathon: Indonesia to join the worldwide Twitter chat on 24 October

  • Kamis, 23/10/2014
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YouthEngage tweetathon

Give me 10 young men, and I will change the world
Sukarno, The first president of Indonesia

Follow @opengovindo and look for #youthengage #youthengageID

Such a powerful words about young people from nearly a century ago, yet today’s Indonesian youth often forget that they have significant impact to the Nation and their community. Large number of youth unemployment, bullying, dropout and crime committed are the example of how lost they are. On the other hand,  the increasing number of youth that use drugs over the year is one of the example that the Indonesian youth today is more interested in seeking temporary satisfaction rather than creating impact for others.

The cycle of misery does not end there. It is not impossible that youth with bad reputation will have to carry that label for the rest of their life, resulting in difficulties in finding jobs and alienated by the society. In indonesia,  the number of youth unemployment is about 17% of total youth population or about 10 million young people. Ironically, 600,000 of them are graduated from university. Looking from the political perspective, the recent survey told that only 54% of young population participated in the election process. Ignorant attitude, feeling of powerlessness, and distrusts toward the Government is the main reason why they do not participate.

Engaging youth can help build competent leaders, on the other hand, if we are not able to engage them,  youth can become disillusioned and valuable resources wasted. Imagine how much loss that we must endure in the future if we can’t engage young people to the fullest?

In Indonesia, there have been relentless effort to engage young people. Dozens of movements, inspiring young people, and the rise of young entrepreneurs have engaged young population to contribute to develop the Nation.

To better engage the youth, we want to listen to your voice through #youthengage tweetathon.

We will have #Youthengage Tweetathon arranged by Guardian Team together with many countries all over the world to answer the question: “How do we better engage young people socially, economically, and politically?”

Follow @opengovindo and look for #youthengage #youthengageID.

To participate, here’s what you need to do:

1.   Be online when the local event is running – between 10-11am WIB (3-4am GMT).

2.   Start tweeting to let the Guardian Team, and the world, know that you are taking part. Here is one tweet you could use:

I’m joining @GuardianGDP’s #youthengage tweetathon in Indonesia on 24 Oct. To me engaging young people means [fill in the blank]

3.   On the day, as your chat is about to start, take a picture of yourself and tweet it to @GuardianGDP

4.   The rest, just follow the @opengovindo and respond to the tweets.

5.   If you want more information about how the #YouthEngage discussion will work, send an email to


If you are tired of feeling voiceless, this is the moment where you can speak up and say your opinion outloud. This is the moment where you speak up and the world listens. Let’s Join us #youthengage #youthengageID!

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