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Kesinambungan ide dan gagasan adalah kunci keberhasilan dari proses menuju pemerintahan terbuka. Pelajari begitu banyak informasi dari praktik-pratik terbaik dalam pengimplementasian keterbukaan pemerintah di sini.

Indonesia Government Self Asessment Report 2015

Open Government Indonesia 2014-2015 Action Plan was launched in May 2014 by the Presidential Working Unit forDevelopment Monitoring and Supervision (UKP4). The 2014-2015 Action Plan marks the third OGI Action Plan following Open Government Indonesia’s official launch by Vice President Boediono in January 2012.

The OGI 2014-2015 Action Plan is characterized by its unique features: 1) number of actions exceeded other action plans. The size signifies efforts in propagating the openness spirit and practices to more Ministries/institutions; 2) the 2014-2015 action plan had been formulated and implemented during the political transition period, both in 2014 and 2015. Legislative and presidential elections took place in 2014, followed by transfer of executive government leadership from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to President Joko Widodo. Throughout 2015, as consequence of corresponding political transitions, the OGI operational vehicle was only running at ¼ of its past full capacity in 2015; propelled by UKP4’s term expiration on 30 December 2014, administration transfers from UKP4 to Ministry of National Development Planning (Kementerian PPN/ Bappenas), and time consuming budgeting process for re-establishment of a Secretariat.